| Huize Frankendael
Melanie Bosboom – recent work (photography) in the boardroom

Looking at the recent photography series of Melanie Bosboom, one wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she spent several years making sculptural works revolving around the human figure. Through these sculptures she explores the notion of vulnerability and visibility, and of our presence or absence in the society around us. Bosboom masterfully brings this sculptural quality into her photographic series where she investigates identity and gender ambiguity. She creates installations in which personages can partake in a role-play. Her characters have a quality which is both masculine and feminine. This duality, combined with an unusual contextual setting, leave the viewer perplexed. What is the relationship between the individual and their surroundings? Should this concerted focus on photography be read as an attempt to compress her sculptural practice into a two dimensional space? Or is there more at hand?
Her work is visually bold and confrontational, and yet enduring. And this is exactly why we keep coming back for more.

Huize Frankendael is open by appointment and on sundays from 10:00-13:00h.
Middenweg 72, Amsterdam