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The private Déiska collection reunited at last!.....200 artworks, by 35 artists.


This is last chance to visit the exhibition Déiska reunion at the Mazzo where all 200 artworks have been brought together in one location for the very first time!

The art collection took over the entire space of the once famous Mazzo club on the Rozengracht, bringing art back into the building from which a thriving video art scene spawned in the 1980’s. This enormous space appeals to the imagination. You won’t want to miss this special exhibition which ends this weekend.


DéisKa & de verzameling, has a reputation for bringing contemporary art to the heart of the city. This a nomadic organisation that provides supports to emerging artists while moving around the city, continually converting vacant buildings into exciting exhibition spaces. This time it’s the Rozengracht 114, a fantastic industrial space running from the storefront on the Rozengracht all the way through to the Bloemstraat.  A collection featuring work from artists Jan Adriaans, (NL) Mark Bain (USA), Lawrence Bailey (GB),Melanie Bosboom (NL), Libia Castro (SP) and Olafur Olafsson (IS) , Martha Colburn (USA), Elspeth Diederix (NL) Pieter Lemmens(NL), Alexandra Leykauf (GER), David Lindberg (USA), David Maroto (SP) and Maria Zervou (GR) and many others is on view salon style. Don’t miss it!


See you @ Déiska!

Donna Wolf



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